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Google has no plans to completely ban political advertisements. But the new policy will hinder many political campaign operatives. And most of all, Pascal is the most skilled technology tool user in politics. The Trump campaign is outperforming all Democrats with digital integration.

The campaign will still be able to target Google’s ads based on the user’s age, gender, location and content of the website the user visited. But now they cannot use the attributes of several specific viewers, such as political affiliation or voting records, to produce ads. Campaigns will no longer be able to micro-target custom ads for people's specific data and behavior. The ad is online like whispering millions of different messages to billions of different ears for maximum effectiveness and minimal scrutiny.

And political groups will no longer be able to reach "preferred audiences," a group of users tied up according to similar habits. Google has also banned ads "clearly false claims that could seriously undermine participation in elections or trust," clarifying rules on the lack of true advertising. Add: The campaign cannot use certain names collected for advertising purposes, and Google 온카지노게임 has not allowed "remarketing" to those who visit its campaign website.

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